How it began

Firstly, welcome to Somerset Jobs! Thank you for stopping by.

My name is Stu and I am the owner of Somerset Jobs Limited. The website launched on 17th April 2020.

After a few years working in the media industry and advertising job vacancies on a local level it soon became clear of the gaps in the market for something else.

So after a lot of research Somerset Jobs was born.

Hopefully you will find it easy to use and enjoy what can be the dreaded task of job hunting.

The branding

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Find Your Future

Coming up with a business tagline is really quite difficult. I wanted to create something simple & memorable but relative to both job hunters and employers.

What is Somerset Jobs about?

As you might expect it’s a place to advertise job vacancies across Somerset and some neighbouring commutable towns over the border.

One thing I noticed was a lack of places to advertise career related events, so an events guide for jobs & careers fairs, company recruitment open days and apprenticeship information events has been included. If people are job hunting I felt it was logical to show them what’s on locally on the same website.

Something else that really stood out when researching was that job hunters often ask questions on social media job groups for things like evening jobs or jobs for under 18s. With the built in “quick search” option job hunters can find matches quicker and set a more personal job alert. This should make job hunting a little easier.

There are some great training & development providers in Somerset. The information about adult learning courses and / or apprenticeships for those who want to further themselves or start training and how to get in touch with them will be showcased.

Companies can also utilise video to showcase themselves to job hunters. More information will follow on this topic in a blog post soon.

For job hunters it’s so annoying to find out of date and duplicated jobs. I aim to avoid showing the jobs that are no longer available. This was something really obvious when doing research.

Mission statement

We strive to improve the experience of job hunting within Somerset and the local area by providing different search options and by promoting relevant events to users to help achieve your recruiting goals.


Somerset Jobs aims to be a comprehensive jobs website for the County. There are plans in place to expand our links with media outlets and our “job of the day” on local radio stations.