Digital Safety Engineer

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  • January 30, 2022
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Digital Safety Engineer – 18 month secondment

Previous applicants need not apply

An exciting Clinical Safety post has become available within Digital Services at Somerset NHS Foundation Trust, providing the opportunity for an individual to help shape the future of digitally enabled care in Somerset. Digital Services is looking for an experienced, innovative, and enthusiastic Individual to support the delivery of the digital safety strategy, working alongside our Clinical Safety Officer and project teams to deliver clinical safety assurance and enable improved care safety, quality and efficiency with digital solutions.

The Digital Safety Engineer will work directly with stakeholders from a wide range of backgrounds, including clinical teams, technical teams, suppliers and external NHS bodies, to deliver DCB 0160 compliance and digital clinical safety assurance. The successful candidate will be expected to lead local engagement with an evolving digital safety and governance agenda, sharing experiences and leading clinical risk management activities.

This opportunity to help shape and lead our nationally recognised digital programme is open to any individuals that feel they have the knowledge, and ambition to redefine care process with digital technology.


Main duties of the job


As Digital Safety Engineer the post holder will contribute to the delivery of the Digital Clinical Safety agenda, as part of the Digital Clinical Safety Team overseen by the Digital Governance Lead & Clinical Safety Officer. The post holder will be responsible for the coordinating and supporting digital projects in providing clinical safety assurance and for coordinating the wider activities associated with effective governance.

The post holder will work with the Digital Governance Lead & Clinical Safety Officer to develop and embed the Digital Clinical Safety Governance structure and process. Supporting the wider Digital Services team as part of a comprehensive and effective Digital Clinical Safety model.

The post holder will be able to demonstrate and apply a good understanding of safety management principles and processes. Working closely with a range of stakeholders, which includes clinical and project teams, technical experts and testing and assurance specialists.

The post holder will be an effective communicator and coordinator, organising clinical safety activities aligned with the needs of the Safety and Governance process and the overall DCB0160 assurance process.

The post holder will support the monitoring and investigation of Trust wide digitally linked clinical incidents; ensuring learning is established, documented and shared within Digital Services and the wider organisation.


Working for our organisation


Somerset NHS Foundation Trust is the first NHS trust on the English mainland to provide community, mental health and acute hospital services. We work with health and social care partners in Somerset to ensure that we deliver outstanding services that meet the needs of our population.

Our trust was formed on 1 April 2020 when Somerset Partnership NHS Foundation Trust and Taunton and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust merged. We provide community and mental health services across the whole of Somerset and acute hospital services in the north, west and centre of the county and beyond.


Detailed job description and main responsibilities

Duties and Responsibilities

Communication and Key Working Relationships
The post holder will;

Work in conjunction with the Digital Governance Lead & Clinical Safety Officer to deliver the digital clinical safety assurance process for clinical digital projects and systems.

Support project teams in the application of safety and governance principles to digital clinical transformation, enabling individuals and teams to build clinical safety capability.

Support the Digital Governance Lead & Clinical Safety Officer in scaling the digital clinical safety within the organisation.

Support and coordinate communication and escalation pathways between digital clinical safety and the wider organisational safety and governance structures and leads.

Support the Digital Governance Lead & Clinical Safety Officer, Risk Management Leads and Information Asset Owners to ensure digital business continuity and downtime recovery plans are maintained.

Provide digital clinical safety support and guidance to Information Asset Owners who are based outside of the digital services structure.

Create positive working relationships with all system users, software manufacturers, management teams and clinical staff.  Coordinating clinical risk management activities and the risk mitigation process to support the identification, management and reduction of any unacceptable clinical risk associated with Health IT Systems.

Provide leadership support within the Digital Services team, communicating a clear, concise vision for governance and safety of digital records.

Support digital project teams in the delivery of clinical safety assurance processes.

Provide advice and assurance as part of any digital system procurements.

Act as a ‘translator’ of IT terminology into a message that staff of all groups can relate to their roles. Bridging gaps between IT services and clinicians and encouraging engagement in all digital projects.

Have excellent verbal, written and report writing abilities to ensure effective risk identification; so that potential hazards within Health IT systems can be discussed, reviewed and developed to ensure minimal risks to patients.

Foster positive relationships with all colleagues within the Trust; in other organisations/software providers/service providers; whilst discussing sensitive or opposing views within clinical safety negotiations, activities and developments.

Be able to discuss, consider and review differing opinions and broker the optimum solution between involved stakeholders.

Maintain a close working relationship with the Trust Governance Team, Information Governance Team, Clinical Safety Team colleagues within the Trust to ensure continuity of information and update on any Health IT risks identified.

Lead the education of all critical clinical systems operational managers in the following:

  • Undertaking of clinical systems risk activities within their Services.
  • Developing and updating risk assessments relating to their clinical system.
  • Recording and updating their service hazard logs/risk registers.
  • Completion of all actions and risk activities to minimise risk to patients due to the clinical system in use.


Planning and Organisation
Post holder will;

Produce and maintain DCB0160 assurance documentation.

Escalate to the Digital Governance Lead & Clinical Safety Officer and appropriate organisational leads any unacceptable digital clinical safety risks.

The post holder will coordinate clinical risk management activities to ensure DCB0160 compliance.

Post holder will coordinate the collation of complex clinical risk data relating to Health IT Systems and DCB0160 compliance. Documenting potential clinical risks and ensuring the completion and updating of:

·         Clinical Risk Management Plans

·         Clinical Safety Case Reports

·         Clinical Safety Hazard Logs/Risk Registers

·         Clinical Risk Management File

Post holder will maintain Trust templates for the following:

·         Clinical Risk Management Plans

·         Clinical Safety Case Reports

·         Clinical Safety Hazard Logs/Risk Registers

·         Clinical Risk Management File

·         Hazard workshop presentations and scoring materials

Coordinate and plan hazard workshops with appropriate stakeholders, ensuring outputs are documented and accurately reflected in safety assurance documentation.

Coordinate the Digital Clinical Safety Group meetings and attendance. Providing documented minutes and summaries of actions and outputs.

Support any business continuity and downtime recovery review groups or exercises in conjunction with an assigned Project Manager or Information Asset Owner.

Complete assigned key actions and responsibilities relating to the maintenance of business continuity and downtime recovery plans.

Support Information Asset Owners to ensure software release plans, test strategies, system configuration plans, issues resolution activities and middleware developments meet documentation standards required as part of the DCB0160 assurance process.

Maintain the Hazard logs for a range of clinical systems and ensure that the Clinical Risk Management File is maintained, providing defined structure for Safety Case evidence.

Support the authorship of quarterly reports to the Digital Programme Board and Trust Governance Team to outline current clinical software developments, identified risks, actions taken and future risk activities.

Produce outline Clinical Safety Case reports for review by the Clinical Safety officer.

Ensure that minuted actions agreed at the Digital Clinical Safety Groups are completed and all clinical safety documentation updated.

Provide excellent planning and organisation skills to ensure completion of all mandatory clinical risk documents in the appropriate timeframe.

Coordinate clinical safety activities involving large groups of staff at all levels within the organisation, ensuring they are engaged in digital safety activities to define, analyse and re-design existing business processes with a view to ensuring that they are efficient, effective and measurable, and contribute to delivering an improved quality service.

Manage own workload in order to meet defined objectives, guided by general principles, policies and regulations. Be flexible with the ability to alter activities and priorities as the need arises.

Establish links with a range of other healthcare professionals external and external to the organisation, in order to share and/or learn from examples of clinical safety best practice.


The post holder will;

Review IT linked safety incidents, near-misses and risks. Escalating potential risk trends or themes.

Be confident in recognising potential defects in the inherent design of a system, and knowing when to escalation risk concerns.

For reported defects, be able to support the identification of potential root causes and propose practical ideas for risk mitigation.

Provide a high degree of accuracy in preparing and submitting documentation/reports


Responsibility for Patient / Client Care, Treatment & Therapy
The post holder will;

 Participate in the Digital oncall rota (where needed), providing digital advise to clinical teams as part of out of hours user support.

Support the documentation and maintenance of the Digital Clinical Safety governance structure and processes.

Utilise and maintain clinical/subject matter expertise, knowledge and skills to support clinical safety role and responsibilities.

Act as a resource for clinical safety advice relating to all Trust clinical IT systems.

Maintain the relevant portfolio in line with professional requirements to demonstrate a commitment to remaining up to date with current best practice guidance and policy.


Policy, Service, Research & Development Responsibility
The post holder will;

Have or develop specialist/advanced knowledge of the NHS Digital Clinical Safety requirements and documentation that the Trust require to comply with mandatory standards.

Provide input into policies and processes, which may impact on services beyond own area of expertise.


Responsibility for Finance, Equipment & Other Resources
The post holder will;

Be responsible for the safety and security of any device allocated by the Trust. The use of all IT systems including any storage and movement of data should be done in accordance with all Trust IT Security Policies and procedures.

Maintain mandatory documentation (such as DCB0160 requirements) for the duration of the health IT system/software, advising on process for decommissioning.


Responsibility for Supervision, Leadership & Management
The post holder will;

Deputise for the Clinical Safety Officer when required, representing Digital Clinical Safety Leadership in their absence.

Coordinate complex clinical and service change, working with stakeholders internal to the organisation, exchanging ideas and experiences.


Information Resources & Administrative Duties
Role requires the post holder to oversee the clinical safety risk activities and documentation to ensure all clinical systems used in the Trust adhere to safety standards for health IT systems.

The post holder will;

Analyse and present potentially complex data to stakeholder groups for review.

Use own knowledge to provide clinical and technical data within the trust Clinical Safety Reports, authoring standards compliance, clinical and technical specifications and risk analysis.

Be able to use computer software to develop and create reports.

Collate, interpret and present plans, data and information. Ensuring that it is tailored for particular target audiences and use own knowledge, skills and experience to influence others’.


Person specification

Qualifications and skills

Essential criteria
  • Qualified to post-graduate Diploma or Degree level, or equivalent higher education qualification or equivalent experience.
  • ISEB/ISTQB Software Testing Foundation Certificate (Certified or Agile Tester) or equivalent recognised qualification and equivalent level of experience
  • Evidence of specialist knowledge in digital transformation and associated clinical risk management process
  • Knowledge of technologies and systems used or implemented within health IT and the testing methodologies used to ensure their safety from a clinical safety perspective
Desirable criteria
  • BCS Intermediate Certificate in Software Testing
  • NHS Digital Clinical Safety Officer training
  • Evidence of multi-project delivery within digital transformation


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