PC Surveillance (Transferee)

PC Surveillance (Transferee)

Exciting new opportunities have arisen to join the South West Counter Terrorism Intelligence Unit Dedicated Surveillance Team; providing support to the region and national network in the investigation of terrorism.

Candidates who are successful at the application process, who are not nationally Q1 qualified surveillance officers, will be required to attend a nationally accredited surveillance pre-select assessment. This can be arranged by CTPSW upon completion of a successful paper application.

Those candidates who successfully complete the assessment day will then proceed to interview. Dates of the assessment day and interview TBC. If you have recently failed a pre-select it will not be possible to complete one again unless the required time between opportunities has lapsed.

Your appointment within CPTSW surveillance team will be subject to you successfully completing and passing the advanced police driving course and the Q1 nationally accredited surveillance course.

This process is open to PC subject to you passing your initial probation period prior to application. Your application will also be subject to sanction of your Head of Department.

Please be aware that any costs associated with home to work travel must be carried out at your own expense and in your own time.

For further information regarding the role, please contact the A&S Police Officer Talent team who will pass on your details to the department.


You must be a British citizen to work for the department. If you hold dual nationality, one component of which is British, you may also be considered. However, if successful, you may be asked to relinquish your non‐British nationality (and any entitlement you may have to a foreign nationality) as a condition of your confirmation of appointment with the department.

One of your parents should also be British or have substantial ties to the UK. In the latter instance; substantial ties means that your parent is a citizen of a British Overseas Territory, a Commonwealth citizen, US citizen, EEA citizen, British national or citizen overseas, and they would need to have demonstrable connections with the UK by way of family history or have been resident here for a substantial period of time.

If you’re already married to, or cohabiting with, a person who isn’t a British citizen, you may still be eligible for employment at the discretion of the department. You should note however, that marriage to, or cohabitation with, a person who isn’t a British citizen after appointment may, in some circumstances, result in the withdrawal of security clearance and subsequent transfer to another department, or (if this is not possible or the officer does not wish to transfer) dismissal. Each case will be considered on its merits, taking into account the ties between the person involved and the United Kingdom.

Successful candidates will be required to be vetted to Police Management and Security Clearance (Enhanced) level.

Avon and Somerset Police is one of the largest, most diverse forces in the country.   We are looking for the highest quality officers to join our ranks. If you have an excellent attendance record, are high performing and are looking for a new challenge then we could be the place for you.


Avon and Somerset constabulary has gained a reputation as a pioneering and innovative force, as evidenced by the excellent rating in the HMIC ‘Valuing the Police’ report, which demonstrates how as a force, we’ve pulled together and innovatively made the savings asked of us, all the while reducing crime and increasing public confidence.

We take seriously our commitment to all of those who work for us and this year the Constabulary was awarded Gold Investors in People accreditation, which recognises our on-going commitment to support, develop and empower our people to deliver the best possible service to the public.

What Can We Offer You?

Plain and simple…we can offer you a better quality of life, combined with an exciting and challenging role.

Bristol is the eighth largest city in the UK and is lively and is a rapidly expanding city. Somerset is a beautiful county and includes the historic cities of Bath and Wells, coastal areas with high volumes of seasonal tourists and remote rural communities such as Exmoor. South Gloucestershire and North Somerset have rapidly expanding areas of new housing and commercial development attracting businesses and young families – all of which combines to provide different and challenging policing.

Avon and Somerset Constabulary has also gained a reputation as a pioneering and innovative force which has led the way on a number of initiatives and was recently recognised as ‘outstanding’ in the HMIC ‘Valuing the Police’ report, which demonstrates how as a force, we’ve pulled together and innovatively made the savings asked of us – all the while reducing crime and increasing public confidence. We are Gold Investors in People accredited which recognises our on-going commitment to support, develop and empower our people to deliver the best possible service to the public.

You must be able to commit to and deliver our force values in everything you do:

•           Public First

•           To be professional, friendly and interested

•           Today’s business Today

•           Quality counts

Please be aware of the following requirements before you complete an application form to transfer to the Avon and Somerset Constabulary:

*           You will be required to remain in your first posting for a minimum of 2 years.

*           You can be required to serve anywhere in the Force area.

*           You must reside within the force area.

Rent/housing allowance

For those officers who currently receive housing or rent allowance in their existing force, our force equivalent allowance to our maximum will be paid. These amounts are as follows:-

•           Full transitional rent allowance – £263.67 per month

•           Flat rate transitional rent allowance – £131.84 per month

•           Standard housing allowance – £197.90 per month

•           Half standard housing allowance – £98.95 per month

Salary and leave

Officers in this Force are paid in accordance with the national rates. Salaries are paid directly into officer’s bank or building society account on the 28th of each month.

Leave already booked by a successful officer will be honoured for this year, but officers must advise us of these dates in writing when invited to attend the interview.

Under most circumstances pension rights are directly transferable from one force to another.

Fitness test

All applicants will be required to attend a medical assessment and a physical fitness test on the day of their assessment.

The fitness test will consist of the following elements:

•           Warm up to level 3 on endurance fitness shuttle run (bleep test) followed by two minutes of stretching.

•           Endurance fitness shuttle run (bleep test) up to level 5/4.

Please complete and return all the following required documents and send to Avon and Somerset Constabulary, Recruitment Team, Police Headquarters, Valley Road, PO Box 37, Portishead, Bristol, BS20 8QJ

If you have any questions; please contact the Recruitment team on 01275 816142.

Applications must be received by 23rd May 2021.

•           Application form and declaration form

•           Copies of your last PDRs

•           A print out of your sickness record covering at least the last 2 years (if you are still in your probation this will be for the extent of your service) from your Force HR records – please note that your full sickness record will be assessed as part of the selection process

•           Print outs of your complaints and misconduct record and any awards and commendations from your personnel record

Avon and Somerset Constabulary welcomes applicants from all minority groups, which reflect the diversity of the communities we serve. We are a family friendly force and operate a positive equal opportunities policy.

Visit https://www.avonandsomerset.police.uk/apply/jobs-and-volunteering/police-transferees/ for more information and to download an application.


Thank you for your interest in transferring to Avon and Somerset Constabulary.

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Job Overview
  • Hours Per Week
  • Salary
    £21,402 - £41,130
  • Job Category
    Police Staff
  • Disability Confident
Job Location