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  • August 7, 2020
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Central Legionella Services

CLS are looking for an Administration / Personal Assistant.

This full-time role would see the successful applicant working directly for the company directors in a small company of 15 individuals.

This is a “work-from-home” role, although face-to-face meetings would be required at times. The company field staff meet monthly, and attendance at this would also be required (driving or shared transport to this meeting would be required).

The role would be carrying out of various administration tasks, depending on the needs of the business, as well as dealing with other member of the company at the directors’ request.

Accordingly, you would need to be:

  • Proficient with Microsoft Work & Excel,

Much of the company systems are based on these software programs. You would be expected to understand the operations of these systems and have the ability to self-problem solve through research online for specific functions that you may not understand currently.

You would need to be capable of rapidly picking up systems that you would not be familiar with, and in some cases dealing with specific projects or taking over management and responsibility for certain processes.

  • Have excellent basic IT skills (part of the role will include working with various client portals online or via apps) and supporting others in the use of these systems

Part of the role may include supporting the field staff in their use of these systems

  • Have excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

You would at times be tasked with dealing with project issues that would see you having to clearly direct others to a desired outcome. A confident and strong personality would be required to ensure that the objectives were met.

You will certainly be tasked with various projects that would see you dealing with others in the company and being in a position of seniority (with regards to these specific projects). This may include things like resolving a specific issue with a client system that would require you to identify the underlying problems, create a solution and implement this solution where, at times, the solution would involve changes to others work practices or systems.

You would be expected to be sufficiently strong-willed to be able to carry this work out, and suitably empathic to do it is a way that does not created unnecessary ill will.

This role will include an element of being an extension of one or more of the director’s authority, especially relating to issues as they arise. Tact, skill at handling people and the ability to politely project authority would be essential personality skills.

  • Be organised, structured and good at handling your own time.

Some elements of this role will involve self-management. An outcome will be set, and it will be assumed that you will be capable of managing your time and information organisation management suitably.

This role would require someone who is capable of managing their own time suitably, and being able to produce traceable data in a way that is reproducible by others after the event.

An example would be the resolution of a specific system issue. It would require investment of time – potentially several days to resolve. You would be expected to use the allocated time efficiently, be able to demonstrate after the event how the time was used (in a way that could be seen via external auditing) and produce a document trail that would allow others to understand how you achieved the set outcome.

  • Book-keeping skills (administration of invoices etc) and use of Sage would be beneficial

A computer & other required equipment would be supplied. A direct wired connect to your router would be required to support the internet-based phone that would be supplied. You would be required to have access to the internet capable of supporting access to the company systems.

Apply today for the Personal assistant / Admin position.

For further information about the role, please email your CV or query to:

Please title your email “Administration Job Application”.

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