Transport and Operational Administrator


Transport and Operational Administrator

As Transport and Operational Administrator, you’ll be the organisational lynchpin amid the comings-and-goings at our busy Distribution Centre. Dealing with all documentation of inbound and outbound drivers, as well as third party carriers – you’ll be a crucially important link in the chain of processes that get things where they need to be, when they need to be there. Whether it’s shoes, new store fittings or payment order details, you’ll have a handle on it.

So that when other departments need crucial information, you’re always able to provide help in the form of properly maintained documentation, invoices or just your reliable departmental knowhow. It’s what makes you such an important part of the team, here. Likewise, because you’ve taken the time to really understand the workings of your department, you’ll be able to fill in for the Distribution Centre Team Leader whenever the need arises.


A bit about you

Like the deliveries to our Distribution Centre, you’ll arrive with all the necessary credentials intact. In your case, that means sound operational knowledge that includes key tools of the trade like Highjump and SAP along with solid numeracy (backed with a Maths GCSE) – things that mark you out as a seasoned and trusted presence, capable of handling serious responsibility.

It’s about being a safe pair of hands so that, whenever someone comes to you with a query, they always go away feeling that better having spoken to you. It doesn’t matter if they are a member of your team, from another department, or a third party – the competence you exude, both in the steps you take and the way you communicate, puts others at ease.

That’s why, when it’s your turn to step up into people management roles, you’re always listened to. Because your track record hasn’t gone unnoticed. Your team responds to you because you’re credible – it’s the foundation that our whole organisation is built on.


Life with us

Over 46 million pairs of Clarks shoes are sold globally. That makes us a £1.5 billion business and a truly worldwide brand. We now have some 12,000 employees across 75 different countries – everywhere from Europe to the Americas. Despite being the world’s leading global casual footwear brand, we’re still majority owned by the Clark family and based in Street, Somerset – where the Clarks business began. Street is the nerve centre of our business, driving growth and the whole Clarks success story.


The benefits

We’ve already told you about the degree of flexibility you’ll enjoy as a valued addition to our business – but that’s just the start. As well as development opportunities, pension and a competitive salary, you’ll also enjoy a variety of other benefits. These range from 25 days’ holiday (plus bank holidays) to discounted healthcare. And, as everyone loves new shoes, you’ll also get a very healthy discount on our products.

We love hearing from great people

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Clarks International believes that the principle of equality of opportunity is fundamental to the company’s operations. Our long held aim is to provide just and fair treatment for all employees. We will not discriminate on the grounds of sex, age, disability, marital status, colour, race, religion, ethnic origin, sexual orientation or gender reassignment.

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