Richard Huish Apprenticeships Taunton

20 Business Administration Apprenticeship candidates ready

Richard Huish College in Taunton have primed a strong pool of approximately 20 Apprenticeship candidates ready to offer Business Administration and Customer Service support to local businesses. 

David Roberts, Apprenticeships Manager at Huish College told us at Somerset Jobs; “Take advantage of this opportunity and you’ll receive up to an extra £2,000 under a new government incentive scheme for every Apprentice you hire before January 2021.”

“All our candidates hold Maths and English GCSEs at grades C/4 or above and we can help you find someone with the necessary Customer Service experience for your industry. Approximately half of our applicants carry an existing business qualification”

Here are some words from the eager Apprentices: 

“With extensive experience dealing with the general public, I have developed strong and confident verbal communication skills”.

“One of my main strengths would be my organisational skills; I demonstrated this skill while I was doing my A-levels”.

“My ability to work as a team developed strongly during my time in the restaurant sector”

“With this Apprenticeship I am looking to improve my knowledge of Accounting and Business, along with gaining experience of working within an office environment and further developing my business communication skills”.

“(I have) good team player capabilities and excellent organisational skills”. 

“I would like to learn all general administrative skills, alongside learning to work in an office environment”.

“I am able to work in fast paced environments. I have gained this experience from the time with my work experience placements where there have been deadlines that I have had to meet”.

“(I would like) to improve communication skills, learn more about the business structure within a company and be part of a professional working team”.
Call 01823 424 603 for more information about the available candidates.

For more information about the government incentive scheme and Huish Apprenticeships visit: