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Care4Candidates – The New Social Movement

Care4Candidates is putting Job Seekers at the Heart of the Recruitment Process.

Care4Candidates is the Professional Social Movement from OD Talent Solutions – a campaign focused on ensuring that all candidates receive the level of respect and care they deserve.

OD Talent Solutions was established to create a real differential in the recruitment marketplace – one based solidly on core principles of integrity, relationship building, and a firm desire to be true industry specialists.

MD Laura O’Driscoll’s long held belief is that recruitment success requires an equal balance between the needs of both employers and candidates – and the Care4Candidates campaign is all about driving forward a better experience for job seekers.


I’m a Job Seeker – how will Care4Candidates help me?

OD Talent Solutions has vast experience of recruitment, both in-house and externally, and we know that candidates have not always been treated with the care and respect they deserve.

We are passionate about ethical recruitment, and right from the start we have had our own Candidate Charter in place. Whilst we understand that many employers try to put candidates at the heart of the recruitment process, we almost certainly all know of organisations that could improve in their efforts.

The Care4Candidates campaign is made up of 4 key commitments and all the employers displaying the Care4Candidates logo have committed to the doing the following:

  1. Be open and honest about the job opportunities you have available.
  2. Ensure that you have a fair and transparent selection process – one that encourages Equality and Diversity in your workforce.
  3. Commit to giving timely outcomes and useable feedback following an interview process.
  4. Hold your outsourced recruitment providers accountable and endeavour to do business with companies who use the same ethical practise when recruiting on your behalf.

Making these 4 commitments gives employers the power to really influence and orchestrate a change for the better across the recruitment sector in UK.

As a growing Care4Candidates cohort of employers, we believe that together we can push for change and reform in the recruitment industry. This means that as a jobseeker, when you see the Care4Candidates logo you can apply with confidence, knowing you will be treated with care and respect.

Recruiters and Job hunters can find out more information about Care4Candidates on the OD Talent Solutions website and you can keep up to date as more employers come on board by following the campaign on Twitter and Instagram.