Building Heroes Construction skills bootcamp

Construction skills bootcamp opportunities in Somerset

Building Heroes have a number of fully funded opportunities here in Somerset to get people into construction with their skills bootcamps!

The Construction Skills Bootcamps are part of the Government’s Lifetime Skills Guarantee and Plan for Jobs to meet the skills gap of employers in the construction industry.

They are free and fully funded and provide learners a sound understanding of the construction and built environment.

Participants who complete the course gain industry specific qualifications, a fast-track to an interview with a local employer and a pathway to a professional career in construction. 

This is an opportunity for people to build up sector-specific skills and fast-track to an interview with a local employer.

It is estimated that the UK Construction industry will need 216,800 works by 2025 to meet demands = 43,000 new recruits a year.

Once completed the learners have potential to progress onto full qualifications and or apprenticeships.

Course Duration

12 weeks comprising two set days a week face to face with a tutor and two additional sessions of independent study, which must be completed each week before the next tutor led days. 

Qualifications available

Level 3 Certification NOCN approved – Analysing the construction industry and built environment

This unit will provide learners with knowledge of building methods and construction technology in relation to understanding:

  • Activities undertaken in the construction industry and wider built environment
  • Different roles and responsibilities within a construction project
  • Physical and environment factors when undertaking a construction project
  • How construction can be beneficial to the built environment
  • The principles of sustainability on a construction project

Level 3 Certification NOCN approved – Comply with health and safety (H&S) requirements in the workplace

This unit will illustrate the skills, knowledge and understanding required to confirm competence in complying with H&S requirements within the construction industry. Learners will understand and be able to explain the legal duties for H&S in the workplace, be able to minimise risks to self and others, and be able to follow emergency procedures

Level 3 Certification NOCN approved – Analysing technical information, quantities, and communication with others

This unit will providers learners with the knowledge to be deemed trained to interpret information, determine quantities, and communicate with others in relation to:

  • Interpreting information including drawings and plans
  • Estimating quantities and pricing work for contracting
  • Organising the building process and communicating the design to work colleagues and others, ensuring efficient working practices

Industry tickets embedded into the qualification: Confined Space Awareness, Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Awareness, Fire Warden Fire Marshall, Asbestos Awareness (Cat A).

Each cohort programme is developed in partnership with local employers, providers and local authorities to help people develop the skills that are in demand in local areas, with the aim of securing a higher skilled job. Therefore, if an employer in a particular area has specific industry ticket requirements, the tutor can amend the design to add them in.

Eligibility Criteria

Aged over 18, unemployed, employed, self-employed looking to develop skills or change career, access to own IT, mobile ‘phone and internet.

Living in one of the funded regions. Or stating in writing that they are planning to relocate to the region the course is located for work (e.g. living in the West Midlands but planning to relocate to Somerset).

Upcoming Course Start Dates

Monday 8th November ~ South West (Bridgwater new site)

Monday 8th November ~ Virtual

Wednesday 17th November ~ Virtual

Virtual courses are run via Microsoft Teams.

Contact Tatiana on 07884 531218 or email: