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EU Settlement Scheme: Free help for individuals and employers

Free help for individuals and employers in currently available with the EU Settlement Scheme in Somerset.

It’s been a busy year for businesses, with Brexit, COVID-safe workplace measures, and changes to the immigration system coming all at once. To add to this, from January 1 the EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS) and the new points-based immigration system will enter an overlap period.

Citizens of the EU (and EEA and Switzerland) who live in the UK before December 31st 2020 need to apply to the EUSS for Settled Status to continue to live and work in the UK after June 30th 2021.

There’s no obligation for employers to remind staff, and of course it’s illegal to discriminate.

However, it’s worth considering the consequences on operations, and for staff themselves, if they don’t apply. EU nationals are a vital part of the Somerset workforce, and notably represented in some sectors including food processing, tourism, and distribution.

Local charity Diversity Voice, in partnership with Somerset County Council, is working with the Home Office to provide free help in any language. Advisers are regulated, so can take care of the whole application process.

Individuals can make direct contact, but there’s a special workplace solution if employers need it. Concerned employers can get guidance, posters for the workplace, e-materials and workplace visits to help staff to apply.

The deadline is June 30th, and help is available free of charge until March 31st 2021.

Visit the website at https://diversityvoice.org.uk or email euss@diversityvoice.org.uk, or call them on 0300 075 0105.

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