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Recro – Helping people to get the life and career they want

Who are Recro you might ask?

Recro is an employability and recruitment solutions consultancy and training company.

Their mission is to improve the effectiveness, efficiency and experience between the workless, employers and providers.

“The Life You Want ©” is a highly innovative, intensive, experiential personal breakthrough, motivation and employment programme. The programme was initially designed for the hard to reach long term unemployed and other groups including problem / troubled families, but can be tailored for anyone, including businesses, from onboarding career progression, development and team building.

The programme is starting on 9th May and has been moved online so anyone who is unemployed in Somerset can do it. It is free for participants.

They design and deliver bespoke recruitment solutions for employers, helping leverage their needs through the supply chain. They also work with long-term unemployed groups through publicly funded programmes progressing them towards and into sustainable employment.

Recro utilises personal and professional development material and designs and delivers bespoke programmes for clients ranging from employers looking to hire, organisations looking to change, job centres, local authorities, housing associations and partnerships including the voluntary sector looking to get people into work. They also work with schools, colleges and universities helping them help their students be the best they can be and get The Life And Career They Want ©. And they work with individuals interested in changing their life too, through coaching, mentoring, one to one support or programmes dealing with life events such as redundancy or How To Get That Job©.