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Somerset Jobs work to your requirements

Somerset Jobs work to your requirements – we understand one size doesn’t fit all

At Somerset Jobs we understand that no two vacancies are the same, and that every time you are looking to recruit your expectations may be different, even if you are offering a position you’ve recruited for previously.

We also know that post-pandemic, the world of work seems to have a more changeable landscape than ever before.

Factors that can influence your ideal candidate profile can be numerous, and we’re often talking
to businesses and organisations about:

  • Changes in the sector – new regulations and responsibilities, new innovations and
  • Changes in the business itself – expansion into new locations or new product and
    service areas, or restructuring and redeployment activities

This is why we make sure that as well as our handy ‘Job Overview’ section to grab potential employees’ attention, we also allow our recruiters plenty of space to fully describe all the facets of the position on offer, as well as the company/organisation profile.

With Somerset Jobs there’s no need to compromise on the quality of information you share about either the role itself, or what it’s like to work for you.

Variety at Somerset Jobs however, goes well beyond the roles we host adverts for – we assist a wide range of employers from across all industries, both public and private sector, and although we handle advertisements for some of Somerset’s largest organisations, many of the businesses we work with are sole traders branching out, or SMEs looking to introduce new key skills into the firm.

Some of those who contact us are seasoned recruiters with job descriptions ready to go, however, many of those who get in touch are either looking to hire for the first time or are starting from scratch with their advert – or both!

Somewhere in this blog so far you have probably identified yourself or your situation, so it will be reassuring to hear that at Somerset Jobs we have built our services based on ensuring that whoever you are and who ever you need to recruit, we have the perfect package for you. And, as our own business has grown, we have listened to our customers and honed our services to provide options that really do hit the mark – one of the main reasons clients return to use Somerset Jobs time and time again:

“Stuart’s service in both his platform and his personal attributes are second to none. There is nothing too much hassle, from building bespoke packages including radio recordings for a large organisation to advertise, down to ad-hoc one-off postings.

I have worked with him on various intensities and complexities of need, and he is knowledgeable, friendly, and honest and has gone over and above every time I’ve had the pleasure to use Somerset Jobs.

I would not hesitate to recommend that you trust Stuart with your vacancy advertising needs and can confidently say you’ll be getting more than your money’s worth in his expertise, marketing and service”

Google Review October 2021

At Somerset Jobs we believe that all good things come in threes, so to fit your recruitment needs we offer Standard, Upgraded plus the popular Featured advertising packages all of which have a variety of different aspects, so you can choose which suits your requirements.

Need to talk things through and feel you may need some bespoke support? Get in touch so we can understand your situation and look to put together a custom service for you.

We’re always keen to simplify what can elsewhere be a complex process, so with Somerset Jobs you can get started in just three easy steps:

  • Create an account and submit your job (or email it to us!)
  • Choose your listing options
  • Find your future staff!

For more information on our feature packed options and links to get your vacancy live with Somerset Jobs visit: