Welcome to Somerset Jobs, first blog

Welcome to Somerset Jobs Ltd

Welcome to Somerset Jobs!

Wow, it is tough writing the first blog and knowing where to start, so I feel an introduction is in order.

My name is Stu.

After advertising job vacancies in my media role I discovered a gap in the market for something on a local level but it also needed to be big enough to warrant. So after some potential business name ideas it was time to see that web domains were available. Amazingly somersetjobs.co.uk was available. That’s how Somerset Jobs was born. Being a Somerset chap it just felt right.

This new venture has been in development for a while and taken much long than hoped for but finally, it’s live!!!!

What is Somerset Jobs about?

As you might expect it’s a place to advertise job vacancies across Somerset and some neighbouring commutable towns over the border.

To help job hunters I have made a quick search. Example – If someone is looking for a specific requirement of working “nights” then all they need to do is select it, and BOOM, all night jobs pop up, it’s the same with jobs that maybe suitable for U18s.

It’s also an excellent choice for companies to use the events guide which is perfect for jobs & careers fairs, company recruitment open days and apprenticeship information events. If people are job hunting I felt it was logical to show them what’s on locally on the same website. No other job site appears to be offering this handy service. You can upload an event by contacting us.

There are some great training & development providers in Somerset. The information about adult learning courses and / or apprenticeships for those who want to further themselves or start training and how to get in touch with them will be showcased.

Companies can also utilise video more to showcase themselves to job hunters. More information will follow on this topic in a blog post soon.

During my research it soon became obvious that for job hunters it’s so annoying to find out of date jobs and duplicated jobs. This is something that will be monitored to help make job hunting easier and less frustrating. Job listings should vanish after the application closing date.

There are plans for extra features in the future as I hope to include screening questions and the ability to view CV’s for recruiters, plus a few extra items which are in development.

I would like to thank a few people for their help; The team at Somerset Web Services, Adam at Taunton Job Centre, James at One Step Recruitment, Stepdad Alfred, Darren at Tone FM, and some great support from family & friends, Jo, Jess, Erik, Paul & Caroline.

Welcome to Somerset Jobs and I hope you enjoy using the website. Get in touch if you have any questions.