Workplace Culture – Why would a potential employee want to work for you?

Here at Somerset Jobs, we are always looking for ways to help our advertisers get more traction from the jobs they list with us. Our series of employer blogs are a great way for us to offer hints and tips to help you sharpen up those all-important paragraphs – particularly as we understand that for many of those listing positions with us it may be the first time that they are recruiting, or it has been a good while since they were last looking to attract new employees.

We were therefore interested to see the recent research paper from Glassdoor:

‘Workplace Community Will Expand Beyond Company Walls’ which looks at how company culture is becoming such an important driver for employees – with positive and engaging culture bringing loyalty and retention, and poor culture leading to dissatisfaction and often the search for a new role somewhere else:

“In 2022 employees are looking for a career and a community, not just a job. With fewer employees working full-time in the office, companies are having to re-think the benefits they offer – particularly in the realm of mental health and wellbeing. And with the culture and values of a company being the number one driver of employee satisfaction, employers will need to look again at how they cultivate company culture in their workplace.

Using employee ratings on Glassdoor, the three most important workplace factors for overall employee satisfaction are:

  • The culture and values of the organisation, including diversity and inclusion
  • The quality of senior leadership
  • Access to career opportunities within the organisation”

In our most recent blog, we reminded employers that a job description should describe what the candidate will do for you; a job advert should focus on what you can do for them. Based on the research above, it is therefore vital that employers make sure that their job adverts include details of the culture that exists within the organisation, as this is now something that potential employees are really looking for as part of their job search criteria.

With recruitment and new team member training coming at a cost of both time and money, showing how your company culture has a positive impact on your staff is a crucial element in your job advert. Help potential employees understand how you treat your team and what they can expect from a position in your company by taking time to mention:

  • Flexible/ hybrid working policies and leave entitlements
  • Reward schemes and benefits
  • Opportunities for team building, development, social activities
  • How you look after the wellbeing of your staff

And if you are able to include a quote from an existing member of staff about what it’s like to work for you, then that’s an added attraction that will be certain to make your job advert stand out and hit home.

Kim Draper, Employer Brand Consultant at fellow Somerset business OD Talent Solutions concurs: “Business owners dedicate time, money and resource to market their products and services, but often forget to promote themselves to candidates. According to research, 75% of active job seekers are more inclined to apply for a job with a company that manages its employer brand. This is why it’s vital to invest the same energy into candidates as you would consumers.

Company culture is a huge part of your employer brand and by communicating it you increase the chance of attracting high-quality applicants who resonate with your values and integrate well with the team. Finding an employee who fits your company culture isn’t just about filling a gap in your team, it can bring increased benefits, such as motivation and job satisfaction, which in turn helps to boost your employer brand”

For more friendly advice on how to craft your job adverts to make them as attractive to potential new employees, take a look at our news section: