Somerset Jobs pricing

Pay by card or request an invoice. Terms apply**


£ 29
  • Jobs listed for up to 30 days
  • Included in job alert emails
  • Added to Google
  • New - check how many hits you get
  • Added to our Facebook page


£ 49
  • Standard plus extras
  • Featured ads get seen first
  • Include your video
  • Added to local job groups
  • Job of the day on local radio***

Other options are also available. Call us on 01823 777 000

List your job today

  • Manage your jobs from the employer dashboard.
  • Use your own company job page
  • Check your job post stats

Include your brand video

  • Stand out from the crowd and improve brand awareness. Simply add a YouTube or Vimeo link. (Featured only)

Add your event with us

  • Get your recruitment event noticed by job hunters.
  • Events added to Google

Get started in 3 easy steps


Create an account & submit your job

  • Use a company email address (where possible)
  • Ensure you complete as much information on both your company profile and the job detail. (Especially the tags as this will enable quick search.)

Choose your listing options

  • Select your package, go standard or upgrade it for extra features.

Find your future staff!

  • Simply view the job applications. (Unless your own company website has been used for job applications.)
  • Jobs will auto expire on the closing date you choose or you can update and amend at any time.

Pre-launch feedback

“I like the homepage layout, easy to navigate and I like the job hunters vs employers menu at the top.

The filter options are very handy with options I haven’t seen before.

Very useful to list upcoming career events – I like the calendar view option of this as well.”

“Wonderful to see a website dedicated to Somerset employment opportunities. It looks professional and easy to navigate.”

“This looks really good. Nice design and it seems easy to follow”

What are we doing to help get your job noticed?

As much as possible with more to come!

  • Job listed on this Somerset Jobs website
  • Jobs added to Google** (Google terms apply**)
  • Jobs added to local job groups* (where possible)
  • Using your logo to promote your company
  • Jobs added to our Facebook page
  • New** Job of the day on local radio - see below.
  • Coming soon** Meet the recruiter
  • We have radio commercials playing on air to promote Somerset Jobs plus more to come!

Radio station partners

We have currently teamed up with two Somerset radio stations who will read a “job of the day” twice a day during peak hours.

One job each day, 5 days a week. 5 spaces per station available. Please contact us for availability. Upgraded job package only.

This is a great way to help let Somerset know what jobs are available plus you get a company plug on air for free!

We are hoping to expand this service to cover the whole of Somerset.

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