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The construction and future operation of Hinkley Point C will create literally thousands of employment and apprenticeship opportunities in a broad range of occupations and careers.

There will be jobs in construction, civil engineering, electrical installation, hospitality, catering, logistics, security, site services, support roles and many others over the coming years.

It’s not just during construction. When complete, Hinkley Point C will have an expected workforce of 900 people to run the power station throughout its 60-year operation.

You can also stay up to date with recruitment events by visiting the Somerset Jobs events guide as the HPC Jobs team often exhibit with us.

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Hinkley Point C is making incredible progress on-site in terms of construction, but they are also working hard to make sure the project benefits people in the South West and beyond. 

The benefits range from increasing local employment, to the development of a sustainable regional supply chain and the advancement of new training facilities and qualifications.

Over 3,600 British businesses are part of Hinkley Point C’s supply chain and the project is unlocking a multi-billion pound opportunity for growth and development across the Country. The sustained investment from Hinkley Point C is helping suppliers to develop their capabilities in high quality nuclear engineering, building transferable skills for a workforce that can take on the global construction challenges of the future.

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